Camcorder to DVD
vhs-c - Hi8 - digital 8 - mini DV
Transfering Camcorder Tapes to DVD

At Woodlea Studios we have state of the art equipment for video to DVD duplication. You can be assured that your originals are well looked after and the resulting DVD quality is as high as possible.

We can transfer Mini DV, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8 and Digital 8 camcorder formats.

Once we have a digital master of your movie we can set about enhancing it further by editing the footage. We can also add titles and chapter points at required locations so your footage can be accessed via the DVD menu.

We will take great care of your originals and make sure they are securely returned to you along with your brand new DVD's.

It is worth pointing out that if the originals are damaged in any way we will not be able to transfer them.
Some older videos may have deteriorated due to time and use and whilst there are some ways of improving quality (i.e. colour balance) once digitized there are limits to what we can improve on.

If you posses a damaged or very deteriorated video, we recommend that you have it looked at by a professional video restorer before using our service.
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